“Million Dollar Company is Build

    On Million Dollar Work Ethics”

BAKERS VILLA is a new venture in bakery section 

of VIPUL DUDHIYA SWEETS(Nehrunagar Wala). 

A leading well-known and reputed sweet shop in

Ahmedabad.We are manufacturers, all type of

bakery products like Cakes, Pastries, Puddings,

Chocolate Tarts, Donuts, Assorted Chocolates,

Cookies, Toast, Khari, Muffins, Cream Rolls  and

many more.




In a Country like india, where the majority of population is vegetarian,

Bakers Villa vegetarian products in an india are made from 100 % natural veg. Ingredients.



Our outlet cost much less than what avails in the market giving you the ROI in very less time, creating a profitable business opportunity.



Raw Material has been purchased  from the very specific chain of vendors, Which Results into an availability of raw materials at a very less Cost than what could have been, if you would have purchased from the open market.

Our Vision

We are here to change the face of Bakery Industry in continuous manner with Creativity & Innovation to Create Great Bakery Chain.We are growing rapidly, removing the odds and even from time to time, thriving to become a Brand from mere a name.

Our Mission

We provide you Trained and experienced staff, and let you focus on sales and customer Satisfaction. We not just believe in expansion but to grow as a Brand with improvisation of thing each & every day. 

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